Brand Planner

Mid-weight Planner - London

Ref: 288Monday 7 June 2021

Up to £70,000 per year

The Agency

A modern, versatile creative agency, carrying a broader range of skill sets than most agencies our size, so in turn, we can be of more use to our clients. Advertising is central to everything we’re about, but we have a broad view of what advertising is. So we work with a lot of our clients on advertising led relationships, but we also work on (for example) social, content, design led tasks as well. We don’t really like the word, but you’d probably say we're pretty integrated, for a small ish agency.


The Role and Characteristics



Mid-weight, to senior planner.



Ability to deconstruct and reconstruct a brand.



Experience turning round, transforming, creating a brand.



Someone who believes brands should be authentic, purposeful and useful.



It's not just creating a new ad campaign, but resetting the brand, and aligning comms and behaviours around this.




An itch to make and find a home, make a difference, and a few dents.
Culturally switched on.
Interested in research - numerate, and experience doing qual.
Strong work ethic.
Likes a team culture.
Personality to impact on a room, especially with new business.
Good on their feet.
Would consider people from beyond agency boundaries - digital, consultancy, social.
There’s no glass ceiling - we’re looking for a star.